Welcome to Integrated Solutions Group.  This has been several years in the making, but really this company launch grew legs about a month ago.  It has always been a goal of mine to create my own company.  The time was now and hopefully you will find the services that Integrated Solutions Group provides to be beneficial to your company.

I won’t go through all of those services here, hopefully the website does a good job of covering those for you already.  I will share the last week of what it has taken to launch this company.  I have a unique combination of skills that include marketing / business development experience along with Lighting Design / Audio Visual Design.  My first decision was which of these skill sets to build a business around?  Then I decided, let’s do both.  I’m passionate about both areas of my career why only settle to provide one.  Then the hard part came:  How do you put a company together that can support both very different disciplines and how do you market it?  Hopefully we’ve done a good job with that via this website and other tools that will roll out in the near future.  The next step was to create a company name and logo.  I had created this in my mind a few years ago, so with a  few tweeks here and there, you have what you see before you today.  The next step was to put all of these thoughts, ideas and concepts into a website that would help tell the story to you.  Over the past week, I’ve worked on the website to get it ready for today. I know there will be some fine tuning along the way, but I think it’s a good start.  The final piece of the puzzle was today (07/09/12 )  the official launch date.

I know there will be challenges ahead, but I will embrace those challenges.  Not just for my company’s sake but for yours as well.


Best regards,

Mark Cloud, LEED AP