The first week has been exciting and challenging at the same time.  I thought I would have time throughout the week to work on proposal formats, website content and even create some additional marketing material for ISG.  Instead, the week was full of client meetings, collaboration meetings with talented people and a whole host of business decisions.  I’m not complaining at all, but that meant my weekend was much busier with work stuff than I originally planned.  I suppose that is the way of life when you are launching your own company and you are responsible for everything.  Having said that, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I must admit, even hard work is more fun when you are passionate about what you are doing and you have a vision you are working towards.  I have already been blessed with some outstanding clients and I’m grateful for their belief in my company.  To have someone trust in you and believe that you can bring value to their business is very humbling.  It makes you want to work even harder for them.

After one week I have already discovered somethings that I really enjoy about this process:

. Working with other people is truly fulfilling.

.  The creative process is intoxicating.

. There is no better feeling than when you have that “aha moment with/for your client.

. I have a  good understanding of the niche services we can provide and how those can help others.

. No matter how creative you are, nothing will replace hard work. 

I’m looking forward to the process of delivering projects to clients, working alongside them to meet their needs and helping them achieve their goals.

Thank you for allowing me this opportunity.  I’m really glad you did!


Mark Cloud