As I type this out on my desk… one and a half days behind, I remember how easy it is to commit to something but how hard it is to see it through.  When I started my consulting firm, I committed to blogging one day a week.  My goal is to post that blog on my website every Monday morning. As you can see, I’m not always meeting that goal…

In addition to having my own consulting firm, I am a board member of the Arkansas Chapter of USGBC.  I spent the past 3 days in Asheville, NC with fellow USGBC members at the South East Regional Conference.  While there I met new and interesting people, explored (however briefly) a great little piece of the United States and learned a LOT of great things that can / should be implemented into the Arkansas Chapter.

This is when I’m reminded how easy it is to commit to do something but the challenges of seeing that through when you have everyday life staring you in the face.  Just a few take aways from the conference that I hope to see carried out for the Arkansas Chapter membership and the public we serve.

1) Create a very short, memorable and exciting message to represent our brand.

2) Strive to reach the young professionals and students who have a passion for sustainability.

3) Organize and fulfill the dream of so many others before us who wish to make a difference through commmunity outreach.

4) Utilize technology to accomplish tasks that have yet to be completed.

5) Do a better job of measuring outcomes and NOT outputs.

6) Do more networking both regionally and nationally.

7) Be sure to appreciate fellow volunteers and new members and let them know you appreciate them.

This list doesn’t represent everything I learned but if I can see these things through to completion it will make a small difference in someone’s life and a big difference in mine!