I was pondering the other day, what service do I currently offer under the umbrella of Integrated Solutions Group that I have not delved into?  Then it happens… I get a call from a potential client and they want to discuss LEED Consulting for an upcoming project.  I have experience with LEED projects and I’m a LEED AP.  More than qualified for a LEED Consulting role, no?  Below are 4 things I believe make LEED consultants worthy of their title:

1) Are you engaging?  Can you gather all design team members around the Integrated Design table and get them to become part of the process.  Any LEED project that starts without a design charette is not complete in my opinion.  Some of the most creative ideas have come from such meetings and it’s the perfect time to get “buy in” from all parties.  This extends to the construction team as well.

2) Are you organized? Every LEED project has several steps that one must follow and multiple forms that must be filled out in a timely manner and in a certain way.  These submittals must be entered into the USGBC database for the project and should give the team ample time to react according to USGBC’s responses.

3) Do you have a back bone?  Almost all construction projects have rough patches, when things aren’t going like they’ve been planned.  LEED projects are no different.  It’s usually during these phases that some people begin to “check out” of the integrated process and it sometimes requires a firm voice and persistant style to keep the project moving along.  Remember, you’ve been hired to provide leadership, direction and guidance by the owner to complete a LEED Certified Project.  You’re not always there to make friends…

4) Do you believe in sustainable design?  I know, you would think this would be an obvious answer.  I have met several LEED Consultants over the years and it’s pretty obvious to me the ones that believe in what they’re doing and the ones in it for the money.  I may be biased (probably am) but I believe the best LEED projects were completed by the team that really believed in what they were doing.  This is especially true of the LEED Consultant.

Before you hire your next LEED Consultant, maybe you should review these four questions. If they don’t meet all of these criteria, you may want to keep looking.