I just completed the first quarter of my business.  The time has really flown by!  Since starting Integrated Solutions Group, a few things have changed while one thing has become extremely clear…

Some of the changes:

New office space… moving from Fayetteville to Springdale.  I will be posting pictures of the new office as soon as I’m done with the upgrades.  I looked at a lot of places but I settled on a downtown area that is on the verge of rebirth.  What better place for a start up!!

Cultivation of a complete new group of clients from when I started in July.  I expected some of the clients and have been really suprised with others.  Everyday is different and offers new challenges which is one reason I started this firm. I have not been dissappointed!

Enterprise rent a car has been a good partner to Integrated Solutions Group.  I have a large gas guzzling SUV for my personal vehicle.  I thought about trading it in, but realized I use that vehicle for several things around town (like 4 kids) AND it’s paid for!  This did not change my desire to have a much more cost effective means of traveling around the region visiting clients, so I looked at our local car rental provider.  I signed up for a company account  and now I rent vehicles for travel.  The cost is dead even and I’m not adding a lot of mileage to my personal vehicle.

What has become clear:

After visiting with several people, providing proposals and working with clients I know now what makes up Integrated Solutions Group’s philosophy and culture.  Collaboration!  I’m not talking about lip service but honest to goodness true collaboration that leads to better ideas and solutions.  The type of work place where EVERYONE has a voice and contributes to the end result.  Where you get recognized for your willingness to participate and desire to contribute.  Perhaps it’s my sports background or just my experience, but I honestly feel that Together Everyone Achieves More!  I also understand that this type of team approach requires a dedicated and talented leader….

I believe I’m that person, but I suppose time will tell…