I publish a quarterly newsletter that covers various projects, activities and events of ISG that comes to subscribers as a direct mail.  If you would like to receive this newsletter send me an email @ mark@isgnow.net

Based on this fact I have decided to change the format of this medium and report the progress of a chosen project week to week.  I hope you find it informative and somewhat entertaining.

I have recently been retained by an owner / developer to provide Integrated Design Facilitation for an upcoming project.  Those that know me, understand how much value I believe this method of design can bring to a project.  Needless to say, I’m very excited.  So let’s begin:


all hands in


I was asked to find an architect that could meet the demands of this collegiate housing development and understood the mission of the owner.  I will at some point reveal the names of these (architect, owner, etc…) but for now it’s not important.   I selected the architect that I felt fit the project the best and set up an interview with the owner/developer.  The idea sharing session went really well and it was obvious that the architect understood the importance of community that this project had to have. So I could check this off of my list… The next step was to visit the site (which is in another state) to determine if it met the needs of the project and could indeed lend itself to being developed in a way to encourage community.  So, seven guys loaded up into a SUV and headed three hours west to begin seeking these truths…

This trip began with us finding out that the property in mind was NOT fit to be developed.  No fear, we moved forward and found a couple of other solutions that may prove to fit our project very well…. We have since contacted the land owner, city planner, city stormwater manager and civil engineer who prepared some drawings for this land.  We are currently talking with the land owner to retrieve any civil drawings that will help us make a decision on whether we should offer on this property or not.  This brings us to our current position.  Once we review the land and determine if we can develop on the site, how much it will cost and what issues the city might have with the project, the owner will then proceed with an offer.

In the meantime, I will continue to build the team to insure that this project is a very successful one… update next week.