As with most projects, some weeks are more productive than others.  This week would be best described as hurry up and wait.   After requesting civil drawings from the land owner last week and being told to expect those on Monday, we finally saw something yesterday.  The drawings are preliminary at b

est, so they don’t offer us much in way of determining feasibility of the land or development costs.  We will press on…

I have scheduled meetings with the architect, owner, and other team members to review the land we are currently interested in.  We’ve reached out to local government to begin communication with them regarding our desire to develop this “forgotten” piece of land.  All of those things are going smoothly.  Our n

ext step is to meet next week and determine a starting offer that will include a time for us to carry our due diligence on the piece of property.  This will let the land owner know that we are serious about buying this land but also let them know that there is still much to do in determining the final value for it.  We’ll see how this goes.

We will set up meetings with a few general contractors to determine who will build this project and what can they contribute to the process.

hurry up and waitOur hope is in a few weeks the land costs (both acquisition and development) will be determined and the numbers will work out.  The first big step in this project… stay tuned.