Before we discuss lighting design in layers, I thought it might be helpful to present the value of lighting designers in general.  Lighting designers are a tremendous resource for innovative, practical and economically viable lighting solutions. We understand the role that lighting plays in architecture and interior design.  We rely on our extensive experience and knowledge of various lighting products and systems to enhance and strengthen the overall architectural design of space and structure.

Some of the responsibilities of the lighting designer include:

  • creating an effective lighting solution that achieves the perfect balance of function and aesthetics
  •  meeting the needs of the people who use the space
  •  selecting cost-effective and energy-efficient products most appropriate for the project, while offering an easy to maintain system
  •  solving the unique lighting challenges of a wide range of interior and exterior environments
  •  strengthening and enhancing any space through creative, yet functional, lighting designs
  • coordinating with the entire design / construction team to insure proper installation and control

In addition to these thoughts, at ISG, we approach lighting from a sustainable since of purpose by asking why, where, when and how much.  This is better demonstrated by looking at what we feel are the 5 layers of lighting for any space or structure.  Not all lighting applications have all 5 layers but we approach each of them the same.

  1.  General – lighting used for basic activity
  2. Ambiant – lighting that is experienced in the space without directly effecting the users activities
  3. Task – lighting that is dedicated to assist users in completing certain tasks within the space
  4. Accent – lighting that is used to create interest in a space beyond the components that make up the space through the use of contrast
  5. Specialty – lighting that challenges the visual sense of the user within the space

If you have additional questions or comments regarding lighting design, feel free to contact me: