Our firm has been involved in the design / construction industry in some form or another for over 20 years.  We’ve been involved in all types of projects.  Most of the time, we’ve been amazed at how little collaboration goes on during the design and construction of these projects.


We feel that collaboration is key to a truly successful project and longterm happiness for the owner.  Our goal is to help faclitate this process in a variety of ways but most importantly help the team as a whole make decisions based on knowledge and not past assumptions or standards.  This typically lengthens the design phase, but it will shorten the construction phase of the project.  In the end you have creative people who have different backgrounds and knowledge sharing thoughts and ideas on how to best achieve the results everyone is looking for.  In the end, the owner makes educated decisions based on knowledge and what’s most important.


And this is the way it should be…. more info to follow.


Mark Cloud, LEED AP

Founder / President

Integrated Solutions Group