Our staff will meet with you to determine your requirements for your building or space.  We’ll meet with you to review your options and provide guidance during the design and construction process.  We can engage with you at any point during the process to provide you with our insight and expertise.


Once we understand your requirements as the owner or developer, we will help you select a design team (including the general contractor / builder) that best fit your project.  This usually involves an interview process to find the right fit to ensure a successful project that is on time and in budget.


Our goal at ISG is to facilitate this process to insure the owner gets the most value from the design team.  We involve all critical team members throughout the design process to insure decisions are made based on shared information and a position of knowledge.  The standard design process leads to individual team members working in silos with very little collaboration.  It is our belief that good ideas become great ones once they are shared around a table with other talented people and we promote this type of approach throughout the duration of the project.


Once design is complete and construction begins, we work closely with the owner / developer to ensure your interests are represented during this phase of your project.  We will meet with the construction team onsite as often as needed to ensure a collaborative approach is taken when making decisions that affect the project.  We will also keep everyone on schedule and facilitate the decision making process through our project management services. 


We have over 20 years experience in architectural lighting design for both commercial and residential applications. We provide layouts, lighting calculations, budgets, product specification and procurement.  We also provide complete lighting control design and programming as well.  We specialize in sustainable design with an emphasis in energy efficiency and low maintenance costs. 


When creating a new space, it’s important that the design and construction of that space represents the brand / culture of the of the building, giving it a true sense of place. In addition to our traditional design and construction services, we can create a building Brand Package for you to market to potential tenants, employees and clients.

Our goal is to work with you throughout the entire process of your project, but we understand every project is different and we are prepared to engage with our clients in the most effective way.  If you have a need outside of the items above, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  There is good chance we’ve provided that solution before as well.

The ISG Team