Defining Owner Project Requirements

We meet with the owner to establish project goals and determine overall approach to the design and construction process . We discuss what items are important to achieve both during the design / construction process and long term goals once the project is complete. This step assists us in putting together the right project team and establishing the overall project approach.

Building the Team

Once OPR has been established, ISG works with the owner to select a design team.  This is normally comprised of Architect, General Contractor, Engineers, Interior Designer, Lighting Designer (this service can be provided by ISG) Landscape Architect and possibly others… ISG prefers to utilize an interview process to identify proper team members based on project qualifications, current workload and overall team fit.  We believe hiring ISG in the beginning provides the owner with the best overall experience and value but we are willing to engage in a collaborative approach at any time during the process.

Facilitating the Integrated Design Approach

Our goal at ISG is to facilitate this process to insure the owner gets the most value from the integrated design process. We involve all critical team members throughout the design process to insure decisions are made based on knowledge.  It is our belief that good ideas become great ones once they are shared around a table with other talented people and we promote this type of approach throughout the duration of the project.

Collaborating with Construction Team

A well-executed and integrated design leads to a very precise and efficient construction phase. However; most subcontractors aren’t directly involved in the design phase. ISG feels it is critical to continue the collaborative approach throughout the construction phase. We work with the construction team to insure the design on paper is carried to completion in the field through a proactive approach.

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