Our Purpose

We believe there is a better way to design and construct buildings. Our goal is to work with owners in establishing an integrated process during the design phase with a collaborative approach that continues throughout the construction process. We work with owners to select their team of design consultants and builder based on owner requirements, project goals and overall team fit. The integrated design approach provides the owner with the ability to make educated decisions early in the project design process where they have the most impact on construction costs.

We work in a collaborative manner with the entire team to ensure all ideas are well thought out and decisions are made from a position of knowledge. As the project facilitator, ISG keeps the team on track, focused on project goals, and facilitates the IPD behaviors necessary to carry the team to success. This role encompasses initial leadership of the IPD project management team, developing protocols to perform and then managing everyday tasks, such as making recommendations on payment of invoices, managing disputes, resolving issues,etc.

We provide project solutions by implementing collaborative ideas.

Mission / Vision / Values Statement